About Us

Our Goals:

To promote, educate, and research all aspects of the industrial hemp industry.

• Educate the public about the health, environmental, and economic benefits of reviving an industry that has been prohibited for over seventy years;
• Build a group of loyal educated customers and enthusiasts that will work together to accomplish our goals.
• Work with business, government, and the researchers to expand and obtain freedom from the oppressive laws against this healthy superfood.

We believe the emerging American industrial hemp industry is trending towards being more acceptable and could be a greet boon to the American Farmer.   Not only will this superfood contribute to the health of our Nation, but it could provide a substantial new large and high paying place for employment for many Americans.

We are a USA based organization created to encourage and educate people on the benefits of the many products of hemp.

We have developing relationships with customers, local and state government agencies to help enact laws and  regulations that benefit the hemp industry across our country.

The Challenge and the Opportunity

In the USA today, there are virtually no processors nor are there any uniform regulation across the country to test local hemp food products to show they do not contain THC.  Thus Hemp grown in the USA cannot be sold across state lines.  This is absolutely crazy and archaic. Currently, the infrastructure to process raw hemp is almost non-existent throughout the United States. So we buy and import hemp use in various industries ranging from health food to cosmetics and construction materials.  The United States represents the majority worldwide market for hemp products.

Normalizing and standardizing Federal laws across all States would greatly benefit our American Farmers and also provide an incredible amount of employment opportunities for people in supporting roles in manufacturing and sales of these products.

  • We represent consumers, farmers, processors, and small business people that are working to allow all people access to the benefits of hemp.




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